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As-Salām ʿAlaykum

Being able to properly type Arabic transliterations shouldn't be difficult. It also shouldn't be restriced to academic material. These tools, b-idhn-Allāh, are aimed to make typing Arabic transliterations easy for everyone, in-shāʾAllāh taʿālā.

Chrome Extension for Google Inbox extension
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Different Tools


Windows Keyboard

Ideal for any Windows user who types a lot of Arabic Transliterated material. A simple install, and type like a pro anywhere you go. Download Here! Or from Here!
***Note: Windows Defender has issues with this file (even though it's built using Microsoft Tools). To download and install, momentarily turn off Windows Defender. If you're feeling unsure, please contact me below.

macOS Keyboard

Ideal for any Mac user who types a lot of Arabic Transliterated material. A simple drag-n-drop, and type like a pro anywhere you go. Click Here for Installation Instructions.

iOS Keyboard

For iPhone users who types a lot of Arabic Transliterated material. Just install the app, and switch between keyboards to type. Coming Soon!

Google Chrome Extension

If you love Chrome, and type a lot of Arabic material in English. Updated to Version 1.4 with integrated support for Google Inbox and GMail! new_releases Install Here!

Web Text Editor

For a quick write-up. No downloads or installations. Use it below or Here! You can bookmark me too!
  • Keyboard
  • Extension
  • Web App
  • Keyboard


Join the ArabicTypist Google Group. Use it to ask questions, suggest features, or point out any issues.



How To:

Shortcut Key Result
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + ' ʿ
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+Shift + ' ʾ
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + -
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + a | i | u ā | ī | ū
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + d | h | s | t | z ḍ | ḥ | ṣ | ṭ | ẓ
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+Shift + A | U | I Ā | Ī | Ū
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+Shift + D | H | S | T | Z Ḍ | Ḥ | Ṣ | Ṭ | Ẓ
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + b
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + c (Rḍ)
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + g
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + p (ع)
Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt + r


  • As-salām
  • ʿalaykum
  • raḥmah-Allāh
  • barakātuhu
  • B-ism-Allāh
  • Al-Raḥmān
  • Al-Raḥīm
  • Fajr
  • Ẓuhr
  • ʿAṣr
  • Maghrib
  • ʿĪshāʾ
  • Ḥadīth
  • Aḥādīth
  • Uṣūl
  • Muṣṭalaḥ
  • Muḥammad
  • Aḥmad
  • Ḥabīb
  • Muṣṭafā
  • Shamāʾil
  • Ṣalāh
  • Ṣiyām
  • Jumuʿah
  • Jamāʿah
  • Ḥajj
  • Muḥarram
  • Ṣafar
  • Rabīʿ
  • al-Awwal
  • al-Thānī
  • Jumādā
  • Rajab
  • Shaʿbān
  • Ramaḍān
  • Shawwāl
  • Dh al-Qaʿdah
  • al-Qiʿdah
  • Dh al-Ḥijjāh
  • duʿāʾ
  • raḥmah
  • in-shāʾ-Allāh
  • mā-shāʾ-Allāh
  • subḥan-Allāh
  • astaghfir-Allāh
  • Al-Ḥamd-li-Allāh
  • Qurʾān
  • Maʿārif
  • Ikhlāṣ
  • Kaʿbah
  • al-Madīnah

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